Garden Storage Box Ideas

A garden storage box is ideal for storing garden furniture, cushions, outdoor items, toys and gardening tools inside whilst protecting its contents from the elements.

plastic garden storage boxKeep your garden or back yard tidy with a range of storage solutions.

View a huge range of offers on weatherproof garden storage boxes, benches and sheds of all sizes and functionality. Compare products easily at a glance for suitability and cost.

See for yourself the wide range of outdoor storage solutions available. Browse offers on garden sheds and all types of larger outdoor buildings.

Protect and store frequently used garden items in plastic garden storage boxes or traditional types of outside containers and sheds.

Garages and vehicle shelters for motorbikes, bicycles, cars, caravans or boats. Choose sheds manufactured from wood, metal, plastic, take your pick!

Plastic garden storage boxes

Plastic garden storage boxes are generally the most popular. You may have seen when out at DIY stores and garden centres. Good value and being manufactured from plastic materials you don’t have to worry about waterproofing or weatherproofing treatments.

Lockable outdoor storage boxes

Invest in a lockable storage box if you need to keep valuable tools and equipment secure. Or buy a padlock for your existing box.
It all depends on the area and degree of security needed. A padlock should deter casual pilferers but if the location is unattended the box could be broken into if it is not of a secure build. So for proper security you should look for a strong metal weatherproof construction. Not always subtle to hide, but the most secure option.

Wooden Outdoor Storage Boxes

Referring to security above, wood is generally stronger than plastic (although some of the composite plastics are very strong), but requires weather treating sometimes and can be more expensive. Wood however, blends in most places so is best of all for the aesthetics and there are a wide choice of boxes, stores, and wooden sheds.

Buy a garden storage bench which will store its own cushions plus more inside. These storage chests are commonly used for protecting outside garden furniture and cushions etc.

Pick from traditional, functional and contemporary designs. For more security choose lockable, weatherproof storage sheds for vehicles and valuable equipment.

Here is a selection of some popular garden storage options to view at a glance so that you can see what is typically available. Naturally when it comes to outdoor storage units and garden sheds there is a large choice depending on your preferred method of construction and the intended purpose.

If you are looking for a garden storage box or shed then you’ve come to the right place!